5 Ways Tesla Is Transforming the Auto Industry

Publicado: 27/03/2014 en Noticias TI


1. Large center-dash touch-screen display: Even though the Model S has been out for almost two years, no other automaker offers the extra-large in-dash touch screen that’s become a Tesla trademark. While it can be debated that the screen is too large, too bright, and too distracting, the appeal of such a large interface is undeniable. And it’s bound to be copied: We’ve already seen the idea of a vertical rather than horizontal main in-dash touch screen copied by Volvo for its upcoming infotainment interface.

2. Over-the-air software updates: The analyst’s list called this “cloud-based software,” which several car companies have been using for years (think OnStar). But he also mentioned something that Tesla is doing on a regular basis and traditional automakers have been slow to implement: over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Tesla has pushed out OTA updates for the Model S for everything fromadding a “creep” feature to raising the Model S when battery fires became an issue last year. With the critical need for infotainment software to keep current with consumer devices that connect to cars, OTA updates should be—and can be—routine across the industry.

3. Charging infrastructure: It’s the classic chicken-and-egg scenario. Until there’s a larger demand for EVs, it’s difficult to justify adding more charging infrastructure. But more people may not consider buying an EV until there are more charging stations that can relieve range anxiety. Tesla’s answer to the problem? Build its own Supercharger network.


4. Design rules: Styling has always played a huge role in whether people universally like one vehicle (a classic Corvette) and instinctively turn their nose up at another one (the Pontiac Aztek). While there are lots of great-looking cars available, and luxury brands are thick with them, Tesla’s emphasis on design—both inside and out—has made it a car that not only stands out because it’s new and different, but because the design is fresh and bold.

5. Car buying sucks: I remember hearing about a survey that ranked car shopping just behind going to the dentist in a list of experiences most people dread. The haggling and hassle required to buy a car—and that you can’t go direct to a manufacturer—is ripe for an overhaul. By trying to buck the system and bypass the traditional dealer network Tesla is taking the punishment that usually befalls pioneers, but also firing the first salvo in what will likely be a long battle.

5 Ways Tesla Is Transforming the Auto Industry | Doug Newcomb | PCMag.com.



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