The Five Key Elements of a Successful Digital Oil Field

Publicado: 08/04/2014 en Noticias TI

The demand for hydrocarbons continues to rapidly increase, even as the supply of the skilled labor needed to produce them is leveling off. As early as 2008, management consultant Booz & Co. was projecting that labor shortages for the oil and gas industries would, by 2015, be as high as one million workers. Consequently, the oil industry has developed an approach that increases output without raising labor requirements: the Digital Oil Field (DOF).

In an industrial environment as complex and varied as a hydrocarbon extraction field, on-site expert presence is still often required. The goal of the DOF is, therefore, to bring the field to the expert using remote monitoring and control by saturating an extraction site with thousands of sensors, video cameras, and control computers. This means that reliable, rugged IA communications above and below the ground, on site and en route, is a fundamental requirement. Consequently, the digital oil field is a perfect example of what is known today as “big data analytics,” and a prime example of how cloud computing and the Internet of Things are already changing the world we live in. Below we will discuss the critical factors of building the digital oil field.

vía Moxa Connection—The Five Key Elements of a Successful Digital Oil Field.



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