10 reasons to love engineering – Interesting Engineering

Publicado: 15/05/2014 en Noticias TI

Many people are scared by the engineer career thinking that it will be a stressful and hard-working life. While it’s certainly not a light footed career path, we present 10 reasons to love engineering:

  1. Love your job and be able to live the life – Engineering is a rewarding and exciting profession and also leaves you time for those weekend projects or travelling plans you have.
  2. Be creative – Engineers have to conjure up creative solutions to complex problems. It’s also the way to take creative ideas and make them a reality.
  3. Work with great people – To be an engineer you need a grasp of logical and critical thinking. As an engineer you will always be surrounded by successful and inspiring people be they engineers, architects, doctors or entrepreneurs.
  4. Solve problems – It’s an engineers duty to solve problems that have yet to be solved, making the world a better place for all.
  5. Never be bored – An engineer will always be challenged in their role and the difference in problem solving skills of their fellow colleagues will open up new ways of thinking.
  6. The money – Even the starting salary for an entry-level engineer is impressive and a career in engineering is certain to guarantee you a healthy salary.
  7. Job flexibility – Being educated as an engineer you are considered an intelligent and problem solving person. This opens up a lot of doors outside of the engineering scope such as business roles, design, medicine, law and government jobs.
  8. Travel – Field engineers find themselves travelling to numerous location to implement their solutions. Engineering relationships are very often international and require travelling to meetings and other events overseas.
  9. Make a difference – Most of the items around you right now were designed and produced by engineers. The world is becoming a safer and better place to live in thanks to engineers.
  10. Change the world – whether you are manufacturing safe water solutions in Africa or conjuring new ways of clean green energy, engineers are saving lives, preventing disease, reducing poverty and pollution day by day and making the future brighter for our planet.

vía 10 reasons to love engineering – Interesting Engineering.



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