Special Report: Human Capital Management

Publicado: 12/10/2015 en Noticias TI

Find out how unconscious bias affects opinions, decisions, and assumptions. Join Oracle CEO Safra Catz and other executives at theDiversity & Inclusion Global Leadership Summit on October 26, 2015 to learn to challenge bias effectively and manage an impactful and diverse team that operates with openness at every level.


Here, learn more about how technology is changing human capital management.

Five Ways HR Leaders Can Win Talent Through Branding
Just as their marketing colleagues have done for years, HR pros need to build an authentic and attractive brand, define communities of interest, and target their messaging, saysChristine Mellon, Oracle vice president of HCM transformation.

CFOs And CHROs: The Collaboration Imperative
The biggest obstacle to greater collaboration between HR and finance is the tendency for organizations to function in silos—not just personnel, but their processes and data too.

HR Cloud Experience: Look Beyond The Bright, Shiny Object?
Applications that help to encourage employee wellness, leverage game mechanics to drive business outcomes, and measure employee reputation, influence, and hidden contribution can also provide powerful extensions to a global HR platform.

Five Ideas: Human Capital Management
Here, learn more about five millennial tribes identified by the 2015 Oracle-Interbrand survey, plus get expert advice about how to use technology to recruit—and develop—the talent you need.

HCM Central @ OpenWorld
Find out about the latest product roadmaps for Oracle HCM Cloud that focus on global HR, talent management, workforce rewards, and workforce management.

Millennial Diversity
Managers know: The millennial generation is a force to be reckoned with.

Is Salsa Dancing Key to Employee Engagement?
What’s one way to make your employees want to stick around a little longer? Show them how much you appreciate them. And now several companies are making it a little easier to say thanks.

Connecting With Employee Wellness
Two HR practitioners discuss the evolving enterprise responsibility for employee well-being.

How to Achieve Talent Management Excellence in Your Organization
“Fortunately, following a few best practices in human resource management can give HR teams the capabilities they need to effectively attract and retain talent,” says Madhur Chaturvedi, director on the Oracle Insight team.

How Can Project-Driven Organizations Get the Most Out of Their Talent?
When your tempo is set by the inflow of projects, it’s all about how your people perform.

Persistence of Vision
“We are always looking for better ways to recruit the right people. What have changed are the tools we have at our disposal for finding and engaging them,” says Joyce Westerdahl, chief human resource officer at Oracle.

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